Creche Administrative Building
Our Facilities

Established on the 21st of September 1998, CRECHE Nursery and Primary School is a private, co-educational school for ages 1 year to 11 years. As an educational institution and an advocate of Montessori instructional technique, we utilize stimulating instructional materials in a beautiful environment providing a peaceful and inviting atmosphere for child development.

Our school is well equipped with modern and up-to-date facilities in a serene and secured environment. There is a well-equipped library, ICT, Science and Home Economics laboratories. Our sports facilities include our spacious floor hall and the school field. We encourage all children to develop their physical skills to the full in order to promote the sense of coordination, confidence, speed and grace. All children have the opportunity to participate in aerobics, football and athletics. There are also sports fixtures against other schools.




Our curriculum offers our pupils rich and stimulating learning opportunities and motivates them to do their very best. The instruction we give the children is child-centered, investigative and discovery-oriented rather than teacher dominated. CRECHE School curriculum is a combination of Nigeria National Curriculum and International Primary Curriculum (IPC). This combination promotes international learning, across cultural awareness and prepares the children for the global world.

CRECHE has a long tradition of academic excellence and good reputation of caring staff committed to providing supportive settings to all our pupils and also encourage each and every one of them to reach their full potential. We have a supportive and knowledgeable taskforce who are friendly and well informed. We ensure that there is a wide range of quality training available and that staff are able to learn from one another and share good practice.



Our mission is to provide the best start in life for learners in a happy and stimulating learning environment through the pursuit of excellence and Christian ethos.

Our vision/mandate is to raise learners who will emerge as global citizens and see learning as a life-long process.

Our core values includes:

  • Excellence
  • Responsibility
  • Hard work
  • Integrity
  • Respect for self and others

We know and are proud of our uniqueness because of our Montessori styled classrooms, our use of International Primary Curriculum (IPC) as well as the Nigerian National Curriculum, our convenient learning environment, our highly qualified and experienced staff and our low student to teacher ratio

At Creche Nursery & Primary School, we recognize that From the moment a child enters our classroom, each step in his/her education is seen as a progressive building block which ultimately forms the whole person. Every child’s individuality is treasured, respected and celebrated.

Admission is open to learners in Toddler (1yr – 2yrs), Tiny Tots (2-3 yrs), Huggies (3-4yrs), Transition (4-5yrs), and Years 1 – 6 classes.