Do you feel that you wouldn’t be where you are today without your time at CRECHE? Do you have a particular memory of a location or event at the school that has always stuck with you? Did you make friends for life while here? We’d like you to share your stories!

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Praise-El A. Paul

CRECHE School has an amazing ability to attract top people who work for the love of teaching. Not only does the school prepare us for college and the business world but also how to deal with life as a whole. I gained self-responsibility and personal empowerment…I love this school, it feels like home and I miss it immensely.

David Naka Nwikina

I joined CRECHE as a pupil in primary one of the 2000/2001 academic session. The start of primary school is my first set of memories that I can really recollect.

I remember going to my class that first day. It wasn’t a very big school then and so in a very short time, I knew the names of all my classmates; and their surnames too! I remember that we had good teachers. I have especially fond memories of Miss Kanemi who was the then head teacher and Miss Ifeoma who was my teacher in primary five. We were taught to value education and staying informed. It was there that I remember first seeing the quote “if you think education is expensive, try ignorance” on cardboard paper in my class.

I also remember that every morning 2 pupils would be assigned to read the news to us in the morning during assembly; this planted in us the need to read and stay informed on daily happenings around us. For me personally, I made sure I heard the news the night before so that when it was being read in the morning during assembly, I had a huge smile on my face because I’d heard it before. Sometimes, I even told my friends on the assembly line the possible headlines; I felt like a magician. Till today, I still enjoy reading the news. I remember the communication books we used to use then instead of newsletters. Small books where the school would write any information they wanted us to know and we would give it to our parents, they would read it, sign and give us back. I really liked those and even though I know it’s not really feasible anymore, I wish I could see those used in schools again.

I have bits of enjoyable moments and little things that have stuck to me from my time there but it’s all positive and it’s all loving. It is often said that even though people might forget exact words/events that happened, people always remember how other people or places made them feel. It’s why sometimes we shrug, smile or unconsciously have an upset look when we remember a particular person/place. Whenever I think of my primary school, it’s never a shrug or look of anger; it’s always a smile or dreamy expression that comes on my face.

At primary school, we are at a very impressionable age. Like I said, my earliest memories which I can recall start from primary school and it is therefore important that at this stage children are exposed to and taught the right principles and I know that I got a lot of that in CRECHE.

It is also often said that an organization takes on the character of its founder/owner and I have to say that Mrs Oyinlola’s loving character/disposition shone through those walls in my time there. Whether it was during interactions with parents (my mum still maintains a very great relationship with her), or when we went for excursions or at any point in time, it was always love during my time there. I don’t remember I/my classmates feeling less loved or ever feeling neglected by any of our teachers or staff and I hope that continues. I hope that the school continues to churn out godly, enthusiastic, passionate, principled and respectful young men and women.

Long live CRECHE Nursery & Primary School!

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