Our school provides a broad and balanced curriculum planned in accordance with the National Curriculum which teaches all our learners key skills, concepts and attitudes and develops their knowledge and understanding across all curriculum areas. In addition to this, we have adopted the use of International Primary Curriculum (IPC) which is a creative and international-minded approach to learning and promotes cross cultural awareness. 

All subject learning incorporates the development of knowledge, skills and understanding and the children learn by enquiring, investigating and collaborating together. The thematic approach of the curriculum also enables learners to reflect, find relevance and make connections within all their learning: this is a crucial part of children’s progress and development. We strongly believe that IPC would empower the pupils to attain international performance benchmarks and compete internationally with their peers.

We have a supportive and knowledgeable taskforce who are friendly and well informed. We realise that our staff are an important resource in helping the learners enjoy learning and experience success. Therefore, in order to maintain its excellent standard, we ensure that there is a wide range of quality training available and that staff are able to learn from one another and share good practice.

I like that my first subject is maths and I like maths. I like the way my teachers teach and I think i will miss it when I graduate. I want to be a doctor so that I can help the world to be a better place.
Daisy Obasogie
Year 4 Student
Creche School is very grounded. It is focused on its aims. Our strength is founded on our curriculum structure which ensures various activities between teacher and student.
Mrs Glory Nmereole
Transition Class Teacher