Members of staff

CRECHE school is a vision which is piloted by individuals (i.e. teachers) who are God-fearing with perfect administrative skill. Despite the achievements recorded by CRECHE Nursery and Primary school since its inception, our major selling point has been that exceeding our parents’ satisfaction and value. This we have done by applying all forms of strategies geared towards improving our pupils’ academic performances through critical thinking perspective.
Our conducive environment has also helped our pupils to gain confidence in themselves as they are not in any way distracted by noise pollution during learning hours. Furthermore, the international primary curriculum introduced some years back has added value to our pupils as they compete with their contemporaries around the globe.
Above all, CRECHE school to me is an institute where you as an individual is given the opportunity to exhibit your gift in every area. As a staff of CRECHE school, I have been able to combine social, economic and educational principles to create a distinguished identity. Our goal in the primary section is to continuously exceed expectations, setting new bench marks that conform to global practices in educational affairs.

Obayori Johnson
(Primary Co-ordinator)

Primary Teaching Staff

Nursery Teaching Staff

“The most important period of life is not the age of university studies but the period from birth to the age of six. For that is the foundation when man’s intelligence itself is framed. But not only his intelligence: the full totality of his power.” – Maria Montessori
The most crucial period of a child’s cognitive (mind) development is during the Nursery levels of education. Studies have proved that learning at the formative years of a child impacts greatly on the child’s academic growth over the subsequent levels of education. To this end, it is advisable to give your child a strong start in life. It is very vital to get it right when the child is yet to talk well than to run out of solutions in the future.
Choosing CRECHE School as a teacher has widened my horizon to risks and possibilities surrounding nursery education. As well as the best instructional methodology to employ in giving children a head start in their academic endeavour and harnessing their full potential.Also we have a team of dedicated and supportive staff who work very hard to provide the best opportunities for all our pupils in a safe and happy school environment.
I can confidently say “Yes I got it right” by choosing CRECHE School. You can get it right by joining us in producing great minds for the future.

Asiforo Jane
(Nursery Co-ordinator)

Non-Teaching Staff